Competition Competition DateRegistration FeeExam PriceRegistration DeadlineTeacher's Manual
AMC 10/12 AregisterWednesday, November 10, 2021$56 (plus $10 online discount)$27 per bundleFriday, September 24, 2021Download
AMC 10/12 BregisterTuesday, November 16, 2021$70 (plus $10 online discount)$27 per bundleFriday, October 01, 2021Download
AMC 8registerTuesday, January 18, 2022$53 (plus $10 online discount)$25 per bundleSunday, October 31, 2021Download
* Discount applicable to credit card orders only

2021 - 2022 AMC Cycle:
Competitions in Hybrid Format

Updated Policies
For AMC Administration

The AMC will continue to offer two format options this competition season:

  1. Online administration
  2. Paper administration

Only one type of administration is allowed per competition. However, Competition Managers may register for additional competitions in different administration formats (ex. AMC 8 online administration and AMC 10/12 print administration). Only school and educational administrators can register students for the AMC.

  1. In-person Competitions: We are returning to our standard rules (pre-Covid). All students must take the competition in person at their school or institution. In-person competitions are offered in the print and online formats.
  2. Proctoring: Only competition managers proctoring is allowed. Students will be proctored by their competition manager in person.
  3. Student Accommodations (online only): Competition Managers must make arrangements with the AMC office for students who require special accommodations in online testing.

In-person competition administration is required. Following the safety protocols of their school or learning center, all students must take the competition in-person at their school or institution. We encourage students to take the competition(s) in the online format in person for greater ease and convenience. CMs registered for the AMC Online administration will receive portal invitation emails in late August.

Complete details on policies and administration are found on

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